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Giving Back

1 cemetary 84 enhanced.jpg
Cleaning and prepping VA Wright monument for repair.
1 cemetary 82 enhanced.jpg
After repair of fracture and leveling.
1 cemetary 90  enhanced.jpg
Leo with Jonathan Appell freeing a historic gravestone from concrete.
1 Cemetary (80) enhanced.jpg
After - repaired and leveled. Savannah tiles were recovered during excavation.
ANNIE Elliot In fill.jpg
Annie Elliot Tombstone.jpg
Defining the lettering after infilling mortar repair on fracture.
Annie O. Elliot
Mt. Calvary Complex, Portsmouth, VA
We love our city and enjoy giving back to the local community. In 2014, we salvaged some beautiful historic brick from a client and partnered with Batchelder & Collins for the remainder of the materials to create brick beds for the 29th St Peace Garden, a community garden in Park Place, Norfolk, VA. 
Tidewater Masonry and volunteers designed and constructed two new flowerbeds from the reclaimed brick and also built a retaining wall for the compost pile. This project supported the garden effort and helped establish a welcoming environment for local residents to grow, gather, learn and strengthen ties in our community.

Park Place Garden Sign Constructed and Hand Painted by Deb and Leo

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