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We might be the right contractor for you if...

• You dislike renegotiating fees and terms halfway through a contract.

We don't operate this way. Some contractors will low ball your project to secure it and later hold up progress to renegotiate better terms for themselves, wrecking budgets and building distrust. This practice goes against our core values. 

• You value historic aesthetics.

Nowadays, many consumers are conditioned to appreciate methods and materials that are easiest and cheapest to produce and distribute. Our historic buildings often require maintenance and methods that aren't the cheapest or quickest to perform. We think of masonry as a living, breathing connection to the past and our ancestors and completely worth it when you see the results.

• You appreciate custom brick and mortar matching.

Oh the many times we've seen patches on local masonry that were obviously done with the half a bag of mortar  left over from the last job. Taking the time to match the mortar and pick up the correct color takes time & money but again, the right thing to do.

We might not be the right contractor for you if...

• You are looking for the cheapest price.

While we appreciate everyone deserves a fair price and we do our best to keep expenses down to offer competitive quotes for quality work, we are not usually the lowest bid. The reality is there is always someone who will cut corners, use lower priced materials or who might try to renegotiate the terms during the job to secure it with the lowest bid. We decided to be transparent and offer fair, competitive pricing while holding our craftsmanship and our suppliers to a high standard. Masonry work will last many years if done properly, saving you money in the long term.

• You like a lot of noise and confusion on the job site.

We are organized, efficient and as quiet as we can be under the circumstances (hey, grinding happens). We won't wake you and your neighbors up at the crack of dawn blasting a mud spattered boombox. We don't own a job radio and we try our best not to annoy people. We won't work 7 days a week or late in the evening. Having recently suffered through a tear down and new house build next door to us that went on from 7 am to 11 pm 7 days a week, we are reminded of the negative effects of constant noise.

• You want to remove a historic chimney in restorable condition because it's cheaper than fixing it.

This is no less than destroying local history to save a few dollars. It also violates our core values. It might also violate historic district standards if applicable. Chimneys are an important architectural feature of your home even if your fireplace has been sealed (I'll save that discussion for another page) This practice irrevocably alters the skyline of our historic city and we decided to say no thank you to these requests.

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